by commissioning me you are accepting the t.o.s

i only start once i have received payment
orders over $100 can be paid in parts
i dont refund unless its an emergency & i havent started
if you need a refund & i have started, i'll refund 50%
if i drop the commission you will be 100% refunded
i retain the right to decline or drop a commission
i may add a small fee of 10-20% for design complexity

my strengths are
character design, gore, medical,
body horror, macabre & misc. horror

i will draw
anthro, feral, pokemon/digimon,
badges, nsfw, extreme gore/guro

i wont draw
rape, pedophilia, or otherwise immoral content,
nsfw for or of minors, humans, overly complex designs,
detailed robotics, extreme realism

ask about
extreme fetish art, canon characters,
nsfw art in general, anything unlisted!